COM 542 Assignment Titled: “Travel”

(The following is presented as a written assignment and has been altered from it’s original to meet the requirements of the above mentioned course)

After careful prayer, I decided to relocate to Texas. I had wanted to live in another place for a while that was not as cold as Milwaukee, Wis. I packed my belongings and headed for Arlington, Texas. As I was heading into Chicago, the traffic was backed up to a slow walking pace due to highway construction work. I had departed early in an attempt to miss heavy traffic conditions, but that didn’t seem to matter. It actually took me about five hours to travel a distance that should normally take one hour. The entire road trip had an outcome similar to that.

After a lengthy drive, I finally arrived at my location. It was very hot but I was thankful that the air conditioning in my car had been recently repaired. Arlington was a beautiful place, but the expressway was quite confusing to navigate. Traffic was heavy, and drivers seemed to be in a hurry and insisted on following extremely close causing dangerous driving conditions.

When I exited the expressway near the house where I would reside, which was next to a large shopping area. In Milwaukee, I was quite used to a mall or outdoor shopping center that spanned the length of about two football fields, but in Arlington the shopping area went on for a few miles. It was a cultural adjustment. The weather and the large buildings surprised me in a positive way.

I particularly found the Studio Movie Grill Theater in Arlington a peaceful experience. I have always enjoyed the relaxation and entertainment of a good movie and meal out. This place reminded me of a similar theater in Milwaukee but here the food was much better. I know there are so many things to see and places to visit in Texas, but I have been taking it slow and haven’t been out much. Perhaps as time passes I’ll have some more adventures to share.

Although there are many tourist attraction and marketing points of the city, my objective was simply to find employment opportunities. A report in the Journal Sentinel referenced that over 6,700 companies were lost during the current recession in Wisconsin. And I had been seeking employment for over two years in Milwaukee, with no success. I am thankful that God allowed me to continue to increase my education during that time off to increase personal opportunity and employment options.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas has an unemployment rate of 6.4 percent compared to Wisconsin’s 6.7 percent, but I have had more employer responses and interviews in the past three weeks in Arlington than I had in four years in Milwaukee. One of my interviews was with the Dallas Cowboys e-commerce division. Most people I run into in Arlington are football fans, faithfully supporting their team. It was rather humorous how excited my relatives were when I mentioned I had ben contacted by the Cowboys for the interview. I’m not a fan of football so while I was happy to have an interview, I really didn’t know much about the die hard football community here. I’m hopeful that these and other opportunities will prove a more comfortable future.



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