COM 542 Assignment Titled: “Persuasion”

(The following is presented as a written assignment and has been altered from it’s original to meet the requirements of the above mentioned course)


*The following is a concept created by Maren Patterson and the entity referenced as “Christian Community Association” is a fictional entity not related to any entity in operation.


The new Christian Community Association’s mobile app offers the next level of social interaction for the Christian community. Have you ever wanted a platform designated and monitored by Christians for Christians? Then this app is for you. It is an online community for Christians. Using the location service in your mobile device, the app will alert you to the presence of other Christians in the area, As long as they are within 30 feet of your location.

The app will also alert you to the location of participating worship centers in the area. “I recently moved, and this app made it easy for me to find a new worship center in my neighborhood.”  This app is developed and recommended by a team of elders, evangelists, youth ministers and counselors. Based on the popularity of services such as Twitter and Facebook, we believe we have developed a social network that will unify the followers of Christ and increase our fellowship. Just visit the app store to download and create your profile.  We invite you to become a part of a community that will change the world for the cause of Christ.

Participating worship center locations that support the community will be offering special giveaways only advertised via the mobile app. Get connected to members of the faith and build a stronger society.


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